Feb 26, 2010

About Me

Hi :) My name's Kiki and my nickname is Yummita. Yummita was put together from two words - yummy and this spanish sufix -ita which is used for spanish women person (for example se┼łorita etc.). But that's the point. I'm a 13-year-old Czech girl.
The point is to tell you something about myself - why I want to be a cook. So let's start :) It all started in 2009, Croatia. It was our last day of the vacation there and I ate an ice cream during our walk. Suddenly I decided I'd like to make my own ice cream and some other stuff. And then I got this idea about having a french restaurant and french accent which a little bit silly - I know, but anyway, I just wanna be a cook :) And that's the reason for me having this foodblog. Here I want to show you my recipes - what I cooked, cook, will cook etc :) My other reason is getting to this great group of bakers - The Daring Bakers :) So this is my story. Hope you have fun around here and find a little bit of inspiration here.

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