Feb 27, 2010

Fig 'n' Date Cake

Fig and Date Cake

Hi there! Today it's my first recipe here on this site. Because I had at home a huge lot of dried figs and dates I decided to make something including all these dried fruits. I don't like them just like this - it's too dry and kinda sweet so I had to mix them up with some other ingredients and in the end it was a great cake. During the preparation itself  I noticed I didn't have the grated gingerbread. So went to the shop to buy it. Unfortunately they didn't have it. It was really upsetting 'cause the other nearest shop is really far far away. Finaly my helpful sister went there and bought it. So it was allright.

I'm not sure whether it's possible to buy a gingerbread for grating in your country. I think the situation is the same as with the butter spray here in Czechia. So if you're not able to buy it there you can substitute it with homemade old gingerbread - it should be quite tough 'cause thanks to the heavy cream in the cake it'll become pretty soft and chewy.

Now I think it's time to show you the recipe itself :)

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Feb 26, 2010

About Me

Hi :) My name's Kiki and my nickname is Yummita. Yummita was put together from two words - yummy and this spanish sufix -ita which is used for spanish women person (for example seňorita etc.). But that's the point. I'm a 13-year-old Czech girl.
The point is to tell you something about myself - why I want to be a cook. So let's start :) It all started in 2009, Croatia. It was our last day of the vacation there and I ate an ice cream during our walk. Suddenly I decided I'd like to make my own ice cream and some other stuff. And then I got this idea about having a french restaurant and french accent which a little bit silly - I know, but anyway, I just wanna be a cook :) And that's the reason for me having this foodblog. Here I want to show you my recipes - what I cooked, cook, will cook etc :) My other reason is getting to this great group of bakers - The Daring Bakers :) So this is my story. Hope you have fun around here and find a little bit of inspiration here.