Mar 27, 2010

Strawberry Baked Pancakes

Hello everybody :) Today I've got fantastic strawberry pancakes for you.I made them for lunch and it's pretty fast when it comes to preparation. I mean it takes about an hour including baking but it's totally worth it! Once again I had a huge amount of frozen strawberries - like I'm gonna have them forever :) The pancakes are great. You could eat them without any other stuff but well, that's not the best. They are soft but with a strong taste at the same time. And plus strawberries - like the seventh heaven in your mouth.

Mar 20, 2010


 Hi again :) This week's recipe is Italian tiramisu. I used store-bought mascarpone cheese as I had decided to do it in the morning so there wouldn't have been enough time to do homemade mascarpone cheese. Tiramisu was absolutely fabulous! I ate it not even 2 hours after finishing the preparation. Plus it was eaten within 2 days, so good it was.
The ladyfingers (savoiardi) biscuits have to be soaked ONLY for 1 - 2 seconds to avoid making it all too soggy. Fast in, fast out. I recommend you to taste the espresso which is used for soaking the savoiardi biscuits to avoid it being too bitter, because then the savoiardi would be too bitter, too and that wouldn't not be good. So add more suger if needed. When it comes to amaretto liqueur it's not typical for tiramisu (marsala wine is the tradition) but it has a very nice almond flavour and I use it because it's pretty difficult to buy here this marsala wine. Anyway, don't be afraid to sprinkle the biscuits a little bit more with it - it has to have its taste :) The sweetness of the mascarpone cream is again up to you - I prefer it being sweeter 'cause the savoiardi themselves aren't too sweet and whole tiramisu is then sprinkled with pretty bitter cocoa powder and if you don't want it to be one big super bitter square make the cream sweeter. Next time I'd add the liqueur also into the cream to make its flavour more liquorish and well, the flavour of the liqueur wasn't too intense in these savoiardi.

Mar 13, 2010

Strawberry Streusel Muffins

Hello everyone!
Today I have a recipe of strawberry muffins for you :) The reason for making them was the huge amount of frozen strawberries in my freezer. There was hardly any free space left, so I wanted to use them.
The muffins were really fantastic. I loved that pink dough (see photos). It happened thanks to these frozen strawberries - all the frozen water was red and mixed with the dough  turned out to be nicely pink. Next time I'd add even more strawberries to make the muffins even more strawberry.
Ou, yeah, this time I needn't have gone to the shop - nothing was missing :) It was without any problems.
I had a lot of fun during the preparation of them. Instead of having the amount of dough for a dozen of muffins it turned out to be for 24 muffins. But nevertheless, we ate them within two days. So good they were!

Mar 4, 2010

Ricotta Calzones

Hello :) This time I've decided to make calzones. Calzone is an Italian food and in English it means "hanging fold" or "trouser" or "stocking". I'm not quite sure why I made this decision. Simply I had to do lunch and this seemed to be fast and I wanted some salty food, so that's it. Having mozzarella cheese in the fridge was the other reason.
I made myself sure that I had all required ingredients, because I didn't want to let happen the same situation as during the preparation of my Fig'n'Date Cake. The only one missing thing was ricotta cheese - one of the most important things for this recipe. So I had to go the other side of town, because I was sure they wouldn't have it here in our local small shop.
I'm not a big fan of these ready-made/ready-to-use stuff. I prefer making it on my own. But as I said I hadn't had time to make my own dough - it needs a lot of time to make real pizza dough. So my choice was a ready-made pizza dough with olive oil. But next time I'll use my homemade dough and I believe the calzones will be pretty much better.