May 25, 2010

Strawberry Whisky Ice Cream

Here's a very easy summer refreshing recipe or when you want something cold. I had made this ice cream, because my she-friend arrived to visit me. I needed something fast but tasty, too. The ice cream is light and extremely tasty. A perfect sweet night treat!

You'll need for 1 cup (240g):
150 g strawberry pulp or frozen strawberries with sugar
70 g whipping cream
20 ml whisky cream

1. Put all ingredients into mixer.

2. Mix on high speed until creamy and well-incorporated.
3. Pour into plastic bowl and store in freezer until frozen. Then you can eat :)

Bon Appetite!

The Final Word:
You can use any other fruit and add some spices. I recommend cinnamon for more intensive taste.
But now back to the original ice cream recipe. The ice cream is wonderful - especially when a little defrosted. Next time I'd like to play a bit more with spices, because the taste was quite simple - all you feel are strawberries and somewhere deep down is whisky cream. But it's fantastically creamy.
Rating: ****/*****

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