May 8, 2010

Banana Cocktail

Hello :) This time I have a very easy recipe for a banana cocktail. Once again I had a huge taste for bananas a not too much time. So I did this minute-thing . This cocktail should be drunk very fast when made, because bananas turns quickly kinda black and in this case there's no difference. You can experiment with spices in this cocktail, which pretty cool. Whatever you add, it'll turn out wonderful. You can't go wrong here. While I was drinking, my pet - a rat - wanted to taste the cocktail, too. I gave it a little and I had to put it back to it's cage, because it'd drink up the whole huge glass :)

You'll need for 1 litre of cocktail:
0.5 litre milk
2 tbps grated coconut
2 tbps cinnamon
sugar (the amount depends on your taste)
frozen strawberry pulp (the amount depends on your taste)

1. Put all ingredients in mixer. Don't be afraid to use diffrent spices.
2. Whisk on the highest speed until fully incorporated.

3. Serve in glasses, decorate with a slice of banana or green leaves.
Bon Appetite!

The Final Word:
The cocktail itself is very tasty. I personally will play much more with the spices to make the taste even better. The cocktail is sticky and very creamy, which is what I like. There's nothing to complain about. Maybe it'd be better with yet another kind of fruit.
Rating: *****/*****

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